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Why Invū?

As a leader you want to be successful — the kind of leader people want to follow. You probably also want to work with meaning, make a difference, and experience fulfillment. Accomplishing all of this is not easy. Leading means getting involved in human relationships and behaviors, which can be messy, confusing, and time-consuming leaving little time to focus on your own growth and development. Invū coaching helps leaders, like you, carve out the time to develop your skills and reflect so you can lead with impact, work with greater meaning, and live an inspired, more fulfilling life.

What is coaching? Coaching is an individualized process focused on you and your organization’s unique challenges and goals. Coaching helps you stay on track, providing honest feedback, clear accountability, encouragement and a structure for decision-making that enables you to pursue your vision and reach it quicker. In the coaching process, you’ll explore your core thinking and how it impacts success. You will also gain the knowledge and skills you need to lead more effectively, engage in sustainable, meaningful change, create a vibrant work culture and position yourself and your organization for a thriving future.

Personal Development:

  • Increasing energy
  • Decreasing stress
  • Developing personal awareness and reflective skills
  • Clarifying individual vision, purpose, and contribution
  • Dealing with transitions
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Serving with impact

Organizational Leadership:

  • Clarifying organizational vision, purpose, and values
  • Planning strategically and setting clear goals
  • Streamlining systems and processes
  • Addressing conflict
  • Managing change
  • Measuring impact
  • Building cultures of success
  • Training others to lead

Why settle for anything less than leading with impact and living an inspiring life?

It matters . . . for you and the people around you. Start now. The world is waiting.

Brenda H. Freije, J.D., M.Div.

Brenda H. Freije, J.D., M.Div.



As a professional coach, lawyer, pastor, nonprofit executive, and collegiate athlete, I bring a variety of experiences and skills to the coaching relationship. I also bring years of experience working with nonprofits, business ventures, and mission-based initiatives to become “great organizations” that can have a real impact. My focus is to help you develop in your leadership and your life.

Why do I coach? When people come alive in their work and develop as leaders, they experience greater joy and fulfillment and tend to become more committed to the welfare of those around them. They also lead by example, continually learning and growing as they inspire, guide, encourage, and challenge us to reach higher ourselves. Our families, workplaces, communities and world benefit. I help build a better world by helping you grow professionally, lead more effectively, and plan strategically for success.




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