Stop wondering how your work can be more effective and your life can be more fulfilling.

I help you develop your strengths and plan for the future so you can lead well, work with greater purpose, make a bigger difference, and experience wellbeing.

Ever struggle with…

+ Longing for greater fulfillment and sense of purpose?

+ Wanting to make a difference but not sure how?

+ Knowing where to focus your time and energy for greater success?

+ Remaining focused when pulled in many directions and bombarded with distractions?

+ Managing time, conflicts, or the pace of life?

+ Feeling inspired and inspiring others to give their best?

+ Dealing with pressure to do more with less?

Experiencing a sense of balance and wellbeing in your life?

You are not alone!

These days, we all seem to be wrestling with these kinds of questions. Wise people don’t try to address them alone. They enroll partners to help guide them. Invū is your partner helping you discover ways to shape work and life for greater impact, build better teams, experience greater wellbeing, and develop opportunities for yourself and others to thrive.

Here’s how it works…


1. Define & Clarify

First, we’ll explore your story. What are your beliefs and ideas and vision for the future? How can you experience greater wellbeing and make a bigger difference? Together we’ll determine your keys to success and how to overcome current challenges to achieve your potential.


2. Plan & Execute

Next, we’ll develop a plan of action to reach your leadership and life goals and start executing. As your partner, I’ll help you build out the components, track your progress, make necessary modifications, and stay focused.


3. Experience Success

Focusing on leadership growth and wellbeing will improve your life and the lives of the people around you. It also makes good business sense. On behalf of everyone you influence, thank you for making the commitment.

Make the Investment

Your leadership and life matter. You are already making a positive difference but probably have capacity to expand your impact. Great leaders and contributors, like great athletes and teams, rarely reach their maximum potential alone. Coaches come alongside to help guide them. Make the investment. The world needs you.

Here’s How I Can Help

1. Individual Coaching

Let’s meet and talk through your goals, current challenges, and vision for success. We’ll develop a coaching schedule to fit your life and budget.

2. Group Coaching

Gather your friends or colleagues and we’ll schedule group coaching sessions. Groups can range in size from 2 to 8 people.

3. Workshops

Workshops help you develop the knowledge and tools to develop on your own. Topics range from discerning your sweet spot in leadership to understanding how to use your character strengths to reduce stress. Interested in scheduling a workshop at your workplace? Click the Get Started button below.

Meet Brenda Freije

I have served for 25 years in leadership roles as a lawyer, nonprofit executive, pastor, and community builder. We all struggle to lead well, make a difference, and experience wellbeing. Coaching is a process that has helped me find success both professionally and personally. It can do the same for you!

What Clients Are Saying

Brenda helped me to focus on my goals and let go of patterns and behaviors that stopped me from leading to my fullest potential. Now I feel equipped to lead in any setting with clarity having removed the clutter that got in my way. I would definitely recommend coaching.

Coaching Client

Our organization was struggling with trying to do too much on a limited budget. It was hurting morale and burning us out. We knew we needed to focus and prioritize but had trouble carving out time for this given day-to-day demands. Brenda helped us develop a process and structure for defining our theory of change, developing impact measures, and deciding what to cut so that we could work better and not feel exhausted. It has made a tremendous difference in how we experience our work and the rest of our lives.
Consulting Client